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San Diego Bathroom Design

Our Edison Home Design & Architects San Diego team brings an element of serenity to every bathroom design. Even modern interior design in San Diego should have a softness that speaks peace and tranquility. In this bathroom design, the long straight lines and bold black cabinets are balanced by gray hues and crisp white walls. The sleek countertops and brushed metal hardware tie it all together in an elegant design.

Stepping into this bathroom is like stepping into a 5-star hotel suite, where a suit-clad professional or a robe-wearing vacationer can feel equally at home. It is both an invigorating place to start your day and a calming retreat to end it. This Edison Home bathroom design is just one of many our talented team has created and can create for you.

San Diego Bathroom Design


The bathroom of your San Diego home plays an essential part. Although you might not realize it, you have spent a considerable amount of your time in your bathroom. That is why you need a relaxing and luxurious design. Our team of professional and hardworking San Diego Bathroom remodels experts will work with you from start to finish to make your bathroom relaxing and comfortable. Discover some of the bathroom designs you can embrace to create a soothing and premium bathroom for your San Diego home.   


Mirrors on the Wall


Having Mirrors on the wall creates patterns and a reflection of light. This is essential for bathrooms that lack natural light. Mirrors provide light to the bathroom space by reflecting light around the room. In addition, the mirrors offer a seamless and smooth transition.




It is vital to have closed storage to keep all your bathroom items organized. A linen closet and a vanity with drawers allow you to do just that. Also, store your staff in large and small baskets to keep your bathroom neat and tidy. Ample storage also prevents accidents.




There are different types of bathtubs you can choose from. You can either choose the accessible standing bathtubs or the in-built bathtubs. Choose a bathtub that suits your needs and matches the style of your home. Our licensed and certified bathroom design specialists will work with you to choose the best bathtub for your budget and preferences.


Custom Showers


Choosing a customized bathroom design is the right approach and the right thing to do because it reflects your personality. That is why you need a showerhead that offers different benefits such as misting and massaging. You can also incorporate digital controls for your family members to ensure each member will get their preferred settings.




When choosing bathroom lighting, you need to consider the window position, natural light, and the ambiance you want to create. Lighting creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. What is more, it ensures safety while in the bathroom since you will see everything. Popular bathroom lighting includes spotlights, bathroom ceiling lighting, wall lighting, and recessed downlights. Don’t worry, we will help you pick the best lighting for your bathroom.


Struggling With Your San Diego Bathroom Design? We Can Help


Our experts ensure that all your projects will be handled on time and at a cost, you can comfortably afford. We offer bathroom designs that meet your needs and provide services that meet the latest trends. Contact us at (619) 269-2129 or email for the best San Diego Bathroom designs today.