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San Diego Kitchen Design

At first glance, this Edison Home Design & Architects San Diego  says “big, bold, and beautiful!” While it is certainly the latter two, you’ll realize the footprint is actually quite small if you look closely. But that’s what amazing design can do! A carefully thought-out design can transform a cramped kitchen into an open and efficient workspace. 

In this Edison Home Design & Architects San Diego offers kitchen and bathroom design in San Diego. our team effortlessly combines a commercial range, double ovens, a butler pantry, and large kitchen island with seating for three! It is easy to imagine preparing dinners and even large holiday meals in this relatively small kitchen. 

In addition to functionality is the gorgeous design. The stainless steel appliances and backsplash are perfectly balanced by the light wood floors and stunning island waterfall countertop. As any designer knows, it’s all about balance!

Top-Rated San Diego Kitchen Designers


Kitchens have come a long way. Unlike traditional kitchens, modern kitchens serve endless purposes besides cooking.  The kitchen of your San Diego home is one of the most used rooms, so you should strive to make it a place you and your loved ones love spending their time in. Beyond functional kitchen appliances and storage, you also need a kitchen design that suits your lifestyle, taste, preferences, and needs.


Whether you have been thinking about remodeling or constructing a new kitchen, we have prepared various kitchen design elements.

Kitchen Cabinets


Cabinetry is probably the most vital element of your kitchen. It will take a considerable part of the remodeling budget. Most of all, it will impact your kitchen's final outlook and feel. That is why you need an experienced and top-rated for this fundamental remodel element. Working with knowledgeable and certified kitchen remodelers is the right thing because they will pay close attention to details. Moreover, the experts will help you choose the right style for you, depending on your preferences and lifestyle.




Apart from kitchen cabinets, the lighting in your San Diego kitchen is also essential. It influences the outlook and ambiance of your kitchen. While you might be tempted to handle this element on your own, hiring a professional kitchen remodeler is the right thing to do for various reasons. To begin with, certified and licensed kitchen remodeling specialists approach kitchen lighting in stages.

Professional kitchen remodelers pay close attention to details and install lighting from the decorative, task-oriented, accent, and ambient lighting. Most of all, your kitchen remodeler will create a seamless combination of these layers for a unique appearance.




Size influences the feel and look of your San Diego kitchen. That is why space planning plays a huge role. The problem is that it can be daunting to organize your kitchen the right way. Not to worry, professional kitchen remodelers will inspect your kitchen and organize your kitchen the way you love based on your lifestyle, space, and needs. Whether you want a kitchen design that allows you to spend time with your loved ones, bake, cook, or for entertainment, your professional kitchen remodeler will create a kitchen layout that you will always treasure.


Your kitchen is the central hub of your San Diego home. That is why you should go with a kitchen design that suits your lifestyle and needs. Our professional team of interior designers and remodeling specialists specialize in kitchen design and will create a custom kitchen design for you based on your preferences. We will take care of all the messy details from start to finish. Contact us at (619) 269-2129 or email for the best San Diego kitchen designs today.