Types of Architects


Architecture is one of those highly praised crafts and artistry. With the advancement of technology and time demands, architects started to make changes to the architecture more durable and interactive to the outside world. Moreover, architects were classified depending upon their way of artistry or field of architecture. In the modern time, there are several types of architects depending upon their area of architectural expertise; their classification has been given as follows:

Residential Architect


Residential architects are specialists in the execution of bespoke home designs asked by the client. They have an unblemished approach in acquiring designs assigned to them and provide a whole package of services, from designing the framework to even managing the client's construction site.

Residential architects enjoy more creative freedom than commercial sector architects who have to meet more rules and regulations.

Restoration Architect


When it comes to the maintenance, renovation, or extension of protected and historical buildings, the only architect who can undertake these tasks is a restoration architect. These types of architects deal with far more intricate architectural work because they have kept an account of the site's relative planning, legislative knowledge, and historical values.

Research Architect


Digital designing and the advancement of designing tools have entirely revolutionized architecture. Moreover, Information technology has impacted architecture far more than anything in modern times. Research architects, keeping in view the changing technological effects, improvise the architectural work by considering the technological reforms.

Commercial Architect


Commercial architects are highly paid architects, and their work sites can range from a shopping mall to a museum. Commercial architects do not enjoy any creative liberation and work on non-residential sites.

Commercial architecture depends on the public interest, so commercial architecture projects are mostly biggish, having engaged a good team of designers and consultants.

Interior Architect


After seeing the word “interior," you might have confused an interior architect with an interior designer. If this is the case, then you are at fault. An interior architect is a certified architect with a specialist approach in interior designs and procurement of a firm's project.

Interior designers, on the other hand, do not hold any license.

Urban Architect


Urban areas are becoming more and more populated day by day, and there is a need for accommodation for each person. Urban areas demand proper methodological treatment in the planning and development of new residential and commercial spaces. That's where urban architects come into action. These types of architects are specialized in town and city planning.

Urban architects have an involvement in developing a better living space for people, whether it's a commercial or residential area. Infrastructure and public places development can also be considered as their field. That's why they have to be in frequent contact with economic, political, and cultural forces.